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The Main Points of Operation of the Reactor Temperature Control System

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The Main Points of Operation of the Reactor Temperature Control System


The temperature control system of the reactor contains a variety of fault alarm functions (high temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheating alarm, start-up delay protection), which improves the safety and reliability of the equipment during use.

The operating requirements of the reactor temperature control system:

1. When selecting a heat transfer medium, users need to pay attention to whether its temperature range meets the requirements of the working conditions and whether it is suitable for equipment use. Generally, you can consult the chiller manufacturer to see if there is a suitable model.

2. There are many kinds of pipelines in the temperature control system of the reactor. The appropriate material is selected according to the temperature requirements of the equipment model, and then according to the length and diameter. Regularly check the consumption of pipes, check for damage, and replace them in time.

3. The thermal medium of the equipment needs to be replaced regularly after long-term use. It is recommended to use the same type of medium to avoid equipment blockage due to different types and brands of heat transfer medium.

4. Before moving, repairing and maintaining the temperature control system of the reactor, the equipment should be turned off and the power supply should be disconnected. Try not to tilt the equipment during the movement.

Reminder: The equipment should be used in strict accordance with the equipment manual, and the operation and maintenance should be performed, otherwise the service life of the equipment will be affected.

The temperature control system of the reactor is heated by conduction medium, and circulated to the jacket layer of the reactor through the circulating pump, and a periodic cycle is carried out in the pipeline and the jacket. The unique design of the heating pipeline circulation system, the tube heater and the plate heat exchanger improve the power density ratio of the system, reduce the use of the conduction medium, and improve the temperature control response speed of the system. Using PID control technology, the temperature can be automatically controlled to quickly meet the requirements of the temperature required by the product process, and it can be heated at a constant temperature and cooled with high precision.

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