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How to repair the 5tr chiller?

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How to repair the 5tr chiller?

According to the above principles, the working conditions and medium conditions in the same device are different, and the structure and material of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers are different, and the inspection interval is also allowed to be different. According to the corrosivity, heat transfer intensity, and scaling coefficient of the medium, in the same service cycle, the cooler generally used for preheating may only need to be inspected once, while the cooler may need to be inspected twice, and the reboiler may need to be inspected three times.


For new devices or new coolers (with different structures or materials) put into use, the inspection period at the initial stage should be different, and the technical conditions after the first use should be checked in the shortest possible period.

Through several intensive periodic inspections, the normal inspection cycle of this cooler can be determined. For coolers with similar working conditions, the inspection cycle that has been proved to be mature and feasible can be referred to.

The correct inspection period should be before the cooler is shut down for inspection according to the predetermined inspection period. Each part of the cooler (usually the first is the tube bundle) still has a certain safety margin. The size of the safety margin depends on the damage nature of the damaged part. For regular uniform corrosion, the margin can be smaller, The margin should be larger. In principle, stress corrosion should be treated immediately and thoroughly. It will cause serious harm in case of leakage.

The margin should be larger. When the process operating conditions change, the impact of the damage on each part of the cooler should be studied, and the inspection cycle should be adjusted accordingly.


In daily production, sometimes the cooler needs to be shut down not for the reason of inspection, but for the reason of device operation, such as poor heat exchange effect or tube bundle blockage. When such a situation occurs, the inspection can be carried out together with the shutdown due to such reasons.

When the interval for cleaning dirt or blockage of a cooler is shorter than the operation cycle of the whole unit, another cooler can be added for switching. At this time, the spare opportunity can be fully used for inspection, so that the operation of the whole unit will not be properly affected.

1. Measures for cooler to prevent plate cooler from scaling.

1) The water quality shall be strictly controlled during operation. The water in the system and the softened water in the softening tank must be strictly tested for water quality, and can only be injected into the pipe network after passing the test.

2) When the new system is put into operation, the heat exchanger shall be separated from the system, and the cooler shall be combined into the system after a period of circulation to prevent impurities in the pipe network from entering the cooler.

3) In the whole system, the dirt remover and filter should be cleaned irregularly, and the pipe network should be kept clean to prevent the cooler from blocking.

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