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How to operate and use a 1 ton chiller?

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How to operate and use a 1 ton chiller?


1. Inspection


Check the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers to ensure that the power supply to the unit and controller is connected, the cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, and cold water pump are all turned on, and the end fan coil unit is powered on.

2. Start


On the operation panel of the industrial refrigeration machine, press the status key on the keyboard, and then switch the ON/OFF toggle switch of the unit below the keyboard to the on position. At this time, the unit will undergo a self check. After a few seconds, the compressor will start, the unit will start, and all operations will be automatically carried out. The refrigeration unit will automatically start and stop according to changes in cooling load.


3. Run


The unit is operating normally, and the controller will monitor the oil pressure, motor current, and other system parameters. In the event of a fault, the control system will take measures to protect the unit and display fault code information, which requires timely repair and handling.

4. Shutdown


After use, turn the ON/OFF switch on the operation panel to the OFF position to stop the refrigeration unit. It should be noted that to prevent damage, do not cut off the power supply of the unit even when it is stopped.


The following items must meet the requirements:


(1) Air tightness of the unit: Confirm that the vacuum degree drops below 66.7pa/24h


(2) The pumping performance of the vacuum pump: Confirm that the maximum pumping performance is ≤ 0.067pa, and even for old pumps, it is required to be ≤ 10-20pa.


(3) PH of Lithium bromide solution=9.0~10.5, lithium chromate content=0.2~0.25%

(4) The complete protection device operates normally, especially when the pressure of cooling water and coal cooling water is lower than the specified value, the sound and light alarms should act accurately.


(5) When restarting after a long-term shutdown, equipment such as water pumps and fans should undergo a trial run to ensure normal operating performance.


(6) Check all valves (including diaphragm valves) to ensure that they are sensitive to opening and closing, and that the switches are correct.


(7) Electrical equipment must be safe and reliable.

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