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What is the start-up operation procedure for the industrial water chiller system?

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What is the start-up operation procedure for the industrial water chiller system?

Start program:

(1) Start the cooling water pump, refrigerant water pump, and cooling tower fan, and adjust the water volume to the required value.

(2) Start the generator pump and adjust the outlet valve of the generator to stabilize the liquid level of the high and low pressure generators at or slightly below the top discharge heat transfer pipe.

(3) Start the absorption pump and use the outlet valve of the absorption pump to adjust the solution spray density to a good condition.

(4) Start the vacuum pump and vacuum the unit for 30 minutes.

(5) Open the bypass valve of the steam trap in front of the condensate reheater (waterproof).

(6) Slowly open the steam valve and slowly supply steam to the high-pressure generator to raise the solution temperature. After the boiling is normal, adjust the steam pressure to the given value. It is worth noting that as the steam pressure increases, the liquid level will correspondingly decrease, and attention should be paid to adjusting the solution circulation volume.

(7) After the water level in the evaporator liquid bag reaches the mirror, start the evaporation pump to start cooling and gradually put it into normal operation.


(1) Keep operation records and analyze whether the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers operates normally.

(2) Observe the liquid levels of high and low pressure generators, absorbers, and evaporators to prevent damage to the heat transfer tubes due to low liquid levels in the high pressure generator. Prevent the evaporator liquid level from being too low and causing cavitation of the evaporator pump.

(3) Monitor the operation of the shielded pump, measure the working current and motor temperature rise. When the temperature of the motor casing exceeds 80 ℃, stop the operation and find the cause of the temperature rise.

(4) If the refrigeration effect of the unit is poor, the following Program analysis can be used for analysis:

① Measure the water density of the refrigerant to be ≥ 1.04, otherwise regeneration should be carried out.

② Monitor the absolute pressure inside the machine, such as the saturated vapor pressure that corresponds to the concentration and temperature of the solution at that time. The vacuum pump should be started to remove non condensable gases from the machine.

③ Determine whether there is a solution crystallization fault based on the degree of heating of the anti crystal tube.

④ If the cooling water temperature is too high or the cooling water volume is too low, it should be adjusted in a timely manner.

⑤ When any of the following situations occur, the heating steam should be immediately turned off:

1) If the water supply is cut off or the temperature of the refrigerant water is below 4 ℃, the protective device will operate (bell rings, light on).

2) Failure of any canned pump.

3) Severe air leakage.

4) Abnormal increase in liquid level.

5) Power outage.

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