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How to handle the overload of the water pump of a 30 ton chiller?

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How to handle the overload of the water pump of a 30 ton chiller?

1、 Reason

There are many reasons for the overload of the water pump of a LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, most of which are long equipment operation time, untimely cleaning, and water pump failure. In addition, the overload of the water pump may also be caused by excessive equipment load, pipeline blockage, or valve failure to open.


2、 Processing method

1. Shutdown maintenance

When the water pump of the 30 ton chiller is overloaded, it is necessary to shut down for maintenance as soon as possible. Firstly, check whether the water pump is normal, then check whether the pipeline is blocked and whether the valve is open. If everything is normal, it is necessary to check for water pump failure.

2. Cleaning

After running for a period of time, the 30 ton chiller unit must be cleaned, and the water pump is the core of the entire equipment, and cleaning should be given special attention.

3. Flow control


The reason why overloading the water pump can cause abnormal equipment operation is because the water flow rate is too high, which leads to unstable water pump operation. Flow control is a good solution.

3. Replace the water pump or motor

If the water pump malfunctions seriously, it is necessary to replace the water pump or motor.

3、 Preventive measures


1. Regular maintenance

The maintenance of a 30 ton chiller is very important as it can prevent many problems from occurring, such as replacing the internal filter of the equipment, cleaning the water pump, etc.

2. Strengthen training

Strengthen employee training, enhance their awareness of maintenance and upkeep, promptly identify and handle problems.

3. Increase monitoring

Install a pressure control valve or flow meter at the outlet pipeline of the 30 ton chiller to increase monitoring and avoid overloading of the water pump.

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