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How to inspect and maintain a 500 ton chiller?


1. Regularly check the compressor, voltage, and current. When using a LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, remember to regularly check whether the voltage and flow rate are in a normal state. The compressor is the core part of the 500 ton chiller equipment, and in daily use, pay more attention to whether the compressor’s running sound is normal.


2. Pay attention to the heat dissipation system


Usually, pay attention to whether the 500 ton chiller can dissipate heat normally. Pay more attention to whether the water tower fan can dissipate heat normally and replenish water normally. If there are any abnormal situations, solve them promptly.


3. Cleaning the refrigeration system


After using the 500 ton chiller unit for a long time, it is important to remember to clean the cooling water tower, heat dissipation pipe pipes, and condenser parts to ensure optimal cooling effect. Generally, it is cleaned every six months, and it is thoroughly cleaned once a year, as much as possible.


Cleaning the cooler: Regularly clean the internal and external surfaces of the cooler to remove dust and dirt. Compressed air or a soft brush can be used to clean the air ducts and fins of the cooler, ensuring good heat dissipation.


Check the cooling water system: Regularly check the water quality and level of the cooling water system. If necessary, carry out cooling water treatment, such as descaling, deoxygenation, and dosing, to maintain the cleanliness and stability of the cooling water.


Check refrigerant pressure: Regularly check the refrigerant pressure of the chiller. Ensure that the pressure of the refrigerant is within the normal range and avoid the impact of high or low pressure on the chiller.


Lubrication system: Check the lubrication system of the chiller, including the lubricating oil of the compressor and the bearings of the cooling fan. Regularly replace the lubricating oil and ensure that the quality and quantity of the lubricating oil meet the requirements.


Check the electrical system: Regularly check the electrical system of the chiller, including wires, wiring terminals, and control panel. Ensure that electrical connections are in good condition, not loose or corroded, and promptly handle any abnormal situations.


Regular inspection and cleaning of filter screens: Check the air and water filters of the chiller to remove impurities and dirt. This can ensure normal ventilation and water flow of the chiller, and protect the internal components of the chiller.

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