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How to Choose a Chiller?

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How to Choose a Chiller?


Nowadays, the production model of enterprises is developing towards the trend of large batches and high production capacity, and the requirements for production machinery and equipment are getting higher and higher. Then these production equipment will inevitably generate heat when they work for a long time. Once the heat cannot be controlled and reduced in time, it will not only affect the quality of the product, but also may damage the equipment, so a chiller is needed. The chiller is a cooling water device that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure, and is the most effective temperature control device in industrial production. Many companies will choose to use chillers, but they don’t know much about the choice of chillers. Below I will introduce to you how to choose a chiller.

Selection of chiller model:

The main purpose of using chillers is refrigeration, that is, to reduce the temperature of equipment or products from high temperature to low temperature, so as to improve production capacity. Only by choosing the right chiller can the maximum effect be achieved at the minimum cost. Here, the user needs to know the chilled water volume, or cooling capacity, or compressor power of the required chiller, so as to select the appropriate chiller model.

The cooling capacity of the chiller is calculated as follows:

Calculation formula of chiller: cooling capacity = chilled water flow * 4.187 * temperature difference * coefficient

(1) Chilled water flow refers to the cold water flow required by the machine when it is working, and the unit needs to be converted into liters/second;

(2) The temperature difference refers to the temperature difference between the water entering and leaving the machine, and the unit is °C;

(3) 4.187 is quantitative (specific heat capacity of water), the unit is KJ/kg.℃;

(4) When choosing an air-cooled chiller, the safety factor is 1.3, and when choosing a water-cooled chiller, the safety factor is 1.1;

(5) Select the corresponding machine model according to the calculated cooling capacity. It should be noted that the cooling capacity of the chiller must be greater than the heat dissipation that needs to be cooled.

Selection of chiller type:

1. At present, there are air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers according to the cooling method. According to the power of the equipment, there are screw chillers and box-sealed chillers. According to the temperature requirements, there are normal temperature chillers and low temperature chillers. It is necessary to select the appropriate type of chiller according to factors such as the water temperature of the cooling water, the amount of water, the water quality, and the possibility of cooling equipment settings.

2. If it is the cold source of a large-scale central air-conditioning system, a chiller with compact structure, small footprint, refrigeration compressors, condensers and other equipment assembled on the same frame should be selected, and the use site should be reasonably planned.

3. If there is a suitable heat source, especially a place with waste heat or waste heat or a place with a lack of electricity, an absorption chiller should be selected.

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