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How does the cooler work?

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How does the cooler work?

The working medium is compressed from the low temperature and low pressure gas to the high temperature and high pressure gas, and then condensed into the low temperature and high pressure liquid in the condenser through the condenser. After throttling by the throttle valve, it becomes the low temperature and low pressure liquid.

The low temperature and low pressure liquid working medium is sent to the evaporator, where it absorbs heat and evaporates to become the high temperature and low pressure steam, thus completing the refrigeration cycle. The single-stage steam compression refrigeration system is composed of four basic components: refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator and throttle valve, which are connected in turn by pipes to form a closed system. The refrigerant continuously circulates in the system and changes its state, Heat exchange with the outside world.

1. When the air contacts the surface of the FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller, there is a temperature difference between the surface of the cooler and the air. According to the principle of heat transfer, the heat of the air will be transferred to the refrigerant in the pipe through the surface of the cooler, and the air temperature will be reduced.

2. When the surface temperature of the cooler is lower than the dew point temperature of the treated air, the water vapor in the air is condensed to achieve the purpose of cooling and dehumidification.

3. The heat fluid inside the tube exchanges heat with the air outside the tube through the tube wall and fins, and the air used is ventilated and supplied in the same city.

Cooler is a kind of heat exchange equipment used to cool fluid. Water or air is usually used as coolant to remove heat. There are inter wall cooler, spray cooler, jacket cooler and tube cooler. It is widely used as pure water, water air, oil water and oil air cooling devices for high-power silicon rectifier, induction furnace, medium frequency furnace and other large electrical equipment as cooling protection auxiliaries. Cooler is a heat exchange device widely used in metallurgical, chemical, energy, transportation, light industry, food and other industrial sectors.

The cooler is mainly composed of a corrugated heat exchange plate, which is then laminated, clamped and bolted. Use the channel formed between plates for heat exchange. The heat exchange fluid flows through the pipe, and there is a layer of partition plate in the middle to separate the heat exchange fluid, and then the fluid flows continuously between the plates to achieve the purpose of heat exchange!

Due to the different materials of the cooler, the medium of the heat exchange fluid will be different. The cooler will form a sealed system, and the cooling medium will circulate and change in the system constantly, so as to conduct heat exchange!

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