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How does the chiller companies solve the noise problem?

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How does the chiller companies solve the noise problem?

(1) . It is recommended that the number of blades of the moving and stationary wings of the axial flow fan should be different to avoid greater noise resonance.

(2) The installation angle of the blade shall not be too large, and the bending of the blade shall be smooth, and the sudden change shall not be too large.

(3) The joint between the inner surface of the air duct and the fan shell shall be flat to avoid rough and uneven, causing tearing sound. In addition, in the design, sometimes the air duct can be covered with sound-proof materials to reduce the noise.

(4) . In the selection of equipment, it is necessary to strictly carry out the screening of formal products, taking into account the humanized design of equipment and other factors.

1. What is the automatic backlight time of the FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller?

Automatic backlight means that when the touch screen is touched, the touch screen will automatically light up, and when it is not used for a long time, it will automatically go out, and when the set time is reached, the touch screen will automatically go out.

If it is set to off, the touch screen will always be on. It will have a slight impact on the life of the touch screen of the glycol refrigerator at minus 30 degrees.

2. Temperature storage cycle of chiller company.

The touch screen of the minus 30 degree glycol refrigerator is powered on as a sign, and the record is saved when powered on. Although a large amount of useless data will be generated, the temperature storage period is designed considering the basic sufficient storage space and the requirements of some users for temperature data. You can modify the storage period of temperature data here.

The refrigeration temperature range of – 30 ℃ glycol refrigerator is from – 150 ℃ to – 5 ℃, which can meet different refrigeration temperature requirements. It is widely used in the low-temperature reaction field of chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other industries, with fast and reliable refrigeration speed.

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