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Features and Advantages of Explosion Proof Water Chillers

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Features and Advantages of Explosion Proof Water Chillers


Explosion-proof chillers are generally used in the petroleum, chemical industry and coal mining industry.

Features and advantages of explosion-proof chiller:

1. Adopt imported explosion-proof compressor;

2. Using imported advanced components, the service life is long;

3. Evaporator and condenser with high temperature efficiency can save energy by more than 10%;

4. The temperature control table adopts imported high-precision display, saving electricity;

5. The control electrical equipment adopts explosion-proof control box, and the electrical accessories are connected by explosion-proof flexible pipes;

6. The protection device is installed in the customized explosion-proof control box;

7. Perfect security and fault indication system;

8. The copper tube adopts oxygen-free welding method;

9. Four-stage or stepless capacity control to precisely match load changes;

10. The structure is highly optimized, the shell and tube heat exchanger is used to support the body, the structure is simple, compact and practical.

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low temperature water chiller

Water Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to +50°C


cooling and heating system

Dynamic Temperature Control Systems

Temperature Control Range: -120°C to +350°C



battery cooling system

Automobile Test Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -40°C to +100°C



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Semiconductor Test Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -85°C to +250°C



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Industrial Refrigerators

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to -10°C

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