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Reasons for the Poor Cooling Effect of Water Cooled Industrial Chillers

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Reasons for the Poor Cooling Effect of Water Cooled Industrial Chillers


The water-cooled industrial chiller is a device with excellent performance. It has a very good cooling effect and is very convenient to use. However, the water-cooled industrial chiller has a disadvantage when it is used, that is, the temperature is easy to rise, and it is difficult to lower after the rise.

Reason 1: If the temperature of the water-cooled industrial chiller cannot be lowered for the first time, or there is a small problem in the installation between the water-cooled chiller and the cooling water tower, circulating water pump, and pipeline, you need to check carefully according to the installation diagram.

Reason 2: It may be that the water source used has impurities, and after a long period of accumulation, it is attached to the pipes between various equipment, resulting in a small water flow. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the pipes between the various devices.

Reason 3: Water-cooled industrial chillers are 100% performance tested before they leave the machine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. If this problem occurs in the first use, it may be that the chiller is not matched correctly, or there is some problem during transportation.

Reason 4: If this happens to a chiller that has been used for half a year or 1~2 years later, it may be that the refrigeration system of the chiller is leaking Freon. It is recommended to find the leaking point, repair welding, and add refrigerant. The heat exchanger of the water-cooled chiller is too dirty. It is recommended to clean the heat exchanger and clean it regularly during subsequent use. The host adopts brand compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, energy saving and durable.

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