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Explosion Proof Oil Heaters

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Explosion-proof oil heaters can be used in production environments where flammable and explosive gases exist. Explosion-proof oil heaters can obtain room temperature to 350°C under low operating pressure, with large pump flow and high heating power. The high temperature resistant pump is adopted, the flow rate is stable, the stainless steel pipeline and oil tank will not rust under long-term use, and will not cause pipeline blockage and affect the service life of the pump. The explosion-proof oil heater has a visual heat transfer oil level tube, which is convenient for checking the stock of heat media, reminds users to replenish heat transfer oil in time, and is equipped with a liquid level alarm.

cooling heating systems

cooling heating systems

The design of the explosion-proof oil heater is mainly to limit the contact between the electric spark and the combustible object, so as to prevent the explosion. Therefore, the design of the explosion-proof oil heater mainly considers the following aspects:

1. Explosion-proof motor is used: explosion-proof motor is a kind of motor that can be used in flammable and explosive places, and does not generate electric sparks during operation.

2. Take necessary measures to exclude external interference electromagnetic fields, and couple to electronic components through relays or current output terminals.

3. Limit the working power and voltage of the sensing circuit.

4. Use explosion-proof electric control cabinet to seal and isolate electronic components. The shell of the explosion-proof control box is made of steel plate welding or cast aluminum alloy or 304 stainless steel die-casting, with high-voltage electrostatic spraying on the surface.

5. Explosion-proof buttons, explosion-proof components, explosion-proof signal lamps, explosion-proof switches and explosion-proof instruments can be installed in the explosion-proof shell, and ordinary electrical components such as AC contactors, thermal relays, temperature controllers and various functional modules; Buttons, control switches, instruments, etc. inside the safety shell are all explosion-proof components.

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