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Chemical Reactor Heating – Process Circulation Heater

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Reactor heater is an electric heating device that converts electrical energy into heat energy by turning on the power supply, and heats the heat transfer oil in the jacket of the reactor, so that the thermal energy is simply transferred to the materials in the reactor, thereby controlling the temperature of the reaction materials. It belongs to heat conduction oil electric heater, oil heater and oil boiler.

The heat-conducting medium of the reactor heater is heat-conducting oil, which transfers heat energy to the materials in the kettle through the pump, and relies on this method to control the temperature of the materials and keep the working temperature constant and stable, and so on. The liquid circulation of the whole system of the oil circulation heater is closed, and the system has an expansion vessel, and the expansion vessel and the liquid circulation are insulated, and do not participate in the liquid circulation, but are only mechanically connected, regardless of whether the temperature of the liquid circulation is high temperature or low temperature expansion The medium in the container is below 60°C.

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The reactor heater has two modes of operation:

1. Insert tubular electric heating elements directly into the reaction kettle or evenly distribute electric heating pipes around the wall. This mode is called internal heating. The internal heating type heats up quickly and has high efficiency.

2. The heat-conducting oil heating furnace adopts flange-type tubular electric heating elements inserted upside down in the jacket of the reaction kettle to heat the heat-conducting oil, and transfer heat energy to the chemical raw materials in the reaction kettle.

The reaction kettle heater is equipped with a heating and cooling integrated container, which has high working efficiency, fast running speed, and relatively small demand for heat transfer oil. It can realize continuous heating and cooling. The working process is carried out in a closed environment, the heat transfer oil will not be oxidized and volatilized to cause waste, prolong the life of the machine, and it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

The reaction kettle oil heater is tailored according to the needs of customers. The comprehensive introduction of advanced technology and design, and strict standard production ensure that the temperature control accuracy is controlled within plus or minus 1°C. The use of circulating heating saves resources and meets the requirements of environmental protection. There is no loss of medium and the heating speed is fast, which has a high evaluation in the industry.

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