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EV Power Battery Cooling System

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EV Power Battery Cooling System

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Pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles use batteries as the power source, which can achieve zero pollution during use, and can use coal, water and other non-oil resources, and can effectively solve vehicle pollution and energy problems, so they are generally valued worldwide . The performance and quality of these vehicles depend to a large extent on the performance of the power battery packs they are equipped with. Temperature is a crucial factor affecting the performance of power batteries. When the vehicle is running under different driving conditions, the battery will be discharged at different rates and generate a large amount of heat at different heat generation rates. In addition to time accumulation and space effects, uneven heat accumulation will result, resulting in complex and variable operating temperatures of the battery pack. Excessively high temperature will reduce the capacity, life and energy efficiency of the battery. If the heat accumulated in the battery cannot be dissipated in time, it will lead to thermal runaway. In severe cases, the battery may expand violently and explode. The power lithium battery cools down the battery so that its working temperature is in a better range.

At this stage, new energy vehicles are mainly based on air-cooled and liquid-cooled batteries. Due to the poor air cooling effect and large temperature difference, and the liquid-cooled solution, there are many parts, heavy weight, and there is a risk of leakage, so refrigerant cooling will be A great way to manage heat.

The refrigerant has a large latent heat of evaporation and a high heat transfer coefficient. It is an efficient battery cooling method, and at normal temperature and pressure, the refrigerant is in a gaseous state. Even if there is a slight leak in the battery cooling system, there will be no short circuit of the battery and damage to the battery.


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