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Chiller for Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing

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Chiller for Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing

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After the wafer is dry-etched, its surface temperature is high and corrosive gas will remain on the wafer. If the corrosive gas is not removed, it will cause wafer production defects. In order to cool down the wafer and remove the corrosive gas, the etched wafer can be placed in a wafer cooler (multiple wafers can be placed in a wafer cooler), and the air blower in the atmospheric module can be used to send air downward , to remove the corrosive gas. When the downward air flow provided by the fan meets the horizontal gas flow in the wafer cooler vertically, it will generate turbulence, or be disturbed by the air flow in other directions from the outside, which will cause the air flow inside the atmospheric module to be turbulent, which will cause the corner of the atmospheric module to The fine dust inside was raised. The raised dust is likely to cause wafer defects after being sucked into the wafer cooler. Therefore, when cooling the wafer and removing the corrosive gas on the wafer, the existing wafer cooler has the problem that fine dust easily enters and causes wafer defects.

Aiming at the problem that existing wafer coolers have the problem of easy entry of fine dust and causing wafer defects, our company provides a wafer cooler for cooling wafers, including: cavity, air extraction device and cooling medium input device . The cavity is used to store wafers. The suction device communicates with the cavity, wherein the cavity is in a closed state, and the suction device is used to pump the cavity in the closed state into a vacuum cavity. The cooling medium input device communicates with the cavity, and the cooling medium input device is used for inputting cooling medium into the vacuum chamber to cool the wafer.


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