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Efficient Self-emulsification Via Cooling and Heating Temperature Cycle Systems

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Efficient Self-emulsification Via Cooling and Heating Temperature Cycle Systems

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Emulsification machine is a comprehensive reaction production process. Such a machine is mainly composed of several parts, such as main pot, pretreatment pot, electrical control, vacuum pump hydraulic pressure and other mechanical components. The structure adopts concentric double shafts, the agitator and shear of the machine can operate independently by themselves, and the product effect is good. Advanced electrical control ensures its stable performance and reliability. The use of a fully enclosed vacuum system prevents the entry of impurities and ensures the quality of the product. There is no dead angle inside, and a wall scraper is installed on the agitator.

The emulsifier adopts electric heating or steam heating. Generally, there are many customers who adopt the electric heating method. The electric heating method is a temperature control system composed of a temperature sensor heating medium layer and a heat insulation layer, which can easily and conveniently control the temperature without additional heating equipment, which can greatly reduce heating. cost. When heating the medium layer, different media can be selected according to different material processing temperatures, commonly used are: water, heat transfer oil, etc.


emulsification cooling heating


Points for attention in refrigeration and heating of emulsifier

1. Points to note when heating the emulsifier:

The pot body is heated by water bath electric heating, and the temperature rise is heated by the electric heating rod in the jacket through the heating medium, and water is generally used as the heating medium. Before heating, fill the jacket with water (the exhaust port is full of water, and the medium will overflow due to expansion during the first heating). Note: The exhaust hole should be kept unobstructed. It is strictly forbidden to install valves and block the exhaust hole, and the exhaust port must be led to a safe place with a hard pipe to avoid hurting people. Then the inner pot can be powered on for heating after adding materials. (Note: If the jacket is heated with water, the water should be replenished frequently to avoid burning the electric heater after the water in the jacket is dried out).

2. Points to note when cooling the emulsifier:

The cooling of the emulsifier generally uses tap water as the cooling water source (users with conditions can use chilled water for better cooling). Open the water inlet valve and the water outlet valve, and control the opening and closing degree of the water inlet and outlet valves to control the flow of cooling water to achieve the purpose of controlling the cooling speed.


emulsification cooling heating principle

Features of refrigeration and heating system of emulsifier

1. Easy to operate. You can intuitively understand the temperature change, set the heating time and temperature, etc., and the cooling speed is fast.

2. High temperature control precision. Accurate temperature control of ±0.1°C can be achieved, and accurate adjustment of temperature and time can be easily realized to meet the needs of different production requirements.

3. The refrigeration and heating system has the characteristics of rapid temperature control, which can quickly heat the output of the emulsifier and improve production efficiency.


Efficient Self-emulsification Via Cooling and Heating Temperature Cycle Systems


4. Higher temperature control stability. Ensure the temperature stability during the heating process, prevent the quality of raw materials from deteriorating due to high or low temperature, and improve production efficiency and product quality.

5. The safety factor of the refrigeration and heating system is higher. It can effectively avoid accidents of raw materials due to excessive temperature and other reasons, and improve the production index of the production workshop.

6. Refrigeration and heating systems have strong practicability in emulsification. It can better meet the needs of the emulsification process, improve production efficiency and product quality, and become one of the commonly used refrigeration and heating equipment in the emulsification machine industry.


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