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Adding and emptying steps of heat transfer oil for dynamic temperature control system of microchannel reactor

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First, connect the power supply, after connecting, turn on the main switch QF of the device.

After the main power is turned on, our equipment has a phase sequence protection, because 380V equipment has a phase sequence.

Phase sequence protection The first green light on indicates that the equipment phase sequence is normal.

After the phase sequence is no problem, turn on the control power of the device, which is the display control power.

This equipment is used for temperature control of microchannel reactor.

When the equipment is just filled with heat transfer oil, the internal pipelines and connections are empty, and the heat transfer oil and air need to be emptied, and you need to click the cycle button.

The prerequisite of the circulation is to add heat transfer oil and open the top exhaust valve. Before adding heat transfer oil, make sure to connect the pipeline and faucet.

After the cycle is turned on, the liquid level will drop. When the liquid level drops to a certain position and remains stationary, it means that the air has been drained.

At this time, you can close the exhaust valve and turn off the circulation button.

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