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Dirt Treatment Method of Low Temperature Chiller

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Dirt Treatment Method of Low Temperature Chiller


For the air-cooled chiller, the cleaning process is mainly to remove the dust stains of the chiller, which can be eliminated with a descaling agent. Naturally, the scale cleaning work should be carried out according to the cycle time, otherwise it will endanger the normal application of the chiller.

For the water-cooled condenser, the cleaning process is mainly to remove the scale, and the dirt is relatively difficult to clean and remove. It is necessary to apply a descaling agent, and cooperate with the high-pressure cleaning pump and the liquid distribution tank and other machinery and equipment.

For the evaporator, the outside usually causes fouling. This is because the evaporator must be placed in the refrigerated water, so that the cooling capacity caused by the evaporation and heat absorption of the refrigerant in the inner tube can be granted to the refrigerated water. The descaling of the evaporator is also more critical, otherwise the actual cooling effect will be compromised.

The cooling circulating water pipeline and the cooling circulating water pipeline must also be cleaned and cleaned. The cleaning and cleaning must be carried out under the shutdown condition. It is necessary to ensure that each gate valve is opened. If the gate valve is not opened, the chiller cannot be cleaned. In a circulatory system clean-up condition.

Identify the descaling agent that must be used for scale cleaning, and ensure that the descaling agent is suitable for the pipe cleaning and component removal of the chiller. Most of the descaling agents are acidic and alkaline. In the case of acid pickling and passivation, be sure to grasp the concentration value for preparation, otherwise it may easily cause internal corrosion of the chiller.

After the chiller has just started to be cleaned, it is necessary to first form a cleaning system with the cleaning equipment, and carry out different solutions according to the different cleaning locations. Naturally, the cleaning work can also be carried out manually without relying on the high-pressure cleaning pump. Other equipment, but removal is more difficult.

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