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Detailed Introduction of Micro-channel Heating and Cooling Machine

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Detailed Introduction of Micro-channel Heating and Cooling Machine


The micro-channel heating and cooling machine adopts mechanical cooling to cool down, and has dual functions of heating and cooling. Generally divided into 3 parts: refrigeration system, heating system, control system. It is widely used in chemical, chemical, biological engineering, medical and health, physical property testing and chemical analysis research departments, colleges and universities, enterprise quality inspection and production departments, to provide users with a liquid environment with controlled heat and cold, uniform and constant temperature.

1. In the process of using the micro-channel heating and cooling machine, when the equipment is just running, the system cannot be adjusted to a larger value at will. When the machine is stopped, the large mixing impeller suddenly reacts with the material, causing the machine to run under load. Based on this situation, the agitator of the reactor is easily reversed, which may also lead to a rapid temperature rise and destroy the temperature balance of the reactor.

2. The device can play a huge role in every experiment that requires fast temperature changes and fast reaction times. Micro-channel heating and cooling machines are mostly used for temperature control of glass or metal reactors. It also frequently provides temperature control for synthesizers, bioreactors and fermenters in the research fields of chemistry and pharmacology, in polymerization chemistry and in biotechnology.

3. The micro-channel heating and cooling machine adopts a heat exchanger, usually through indirect temperature control through coils or jackets, which is simple and convenient. The jacket is provided with inlets for heat transfer oil, cooling water or other heating and cooling media.

4. There are two heating mediums: heat transfer oil and water, which are used at different temperatures. The heat medium of the micro-channel heating and cooling machine enters from the bottom and flows out from the top, so that the heat medium fills the entire jacket space.

5. Sometimes for larger containers, in order to obtain better heat transfer effect, spiral baffles are set in the jacket space to reduce the flow area of ​​the fluid in the jacket, increase the flow rate of the fluid, and avoid short circuits. more complicated.

6. When the diameter of the kettle body is large or the pressure of the heat transfer medium is large, the welded semicircular spiral tube or the spiral angle steel structure is usually used instead of the jacket structure. The flow rate of the heat medium improves the heat transfer effect of the reactor and the strength and rigidity of the external pressure resistance of the reactor.

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