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Data Center Evaporative Cooling

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Data Center Evaporative Cooling

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Data center indirect evaporative cooling technology is an advanced cooling method used to reduce data center temperatures and improve energy efficiency. It works by using water to evaporate in or near the data center to cool the air, rather than spraying water directly into the air. The following are the basic principles of indirect evaporative cooling technology in data centers:

1. Heat exchanger: Install a heat exchanger in or near the data center, usually including a wetted surface or medium, such as a wet curtain, wet filter or water membrane.

2. Air treatment: Heat exchangers transfer hot air through wet surfaces, causing the moisture to evaporate and absorb heat from the air. This process causes the air temperature to drop.

3. Cooling effect: The wet surface cools the air and lowers the temperature. Cooled air is introduced into the data center to reduce the temperature inside the data center.


Data Center Evaporative Cooling


4. Water circulation: Use a water circulation system to recover and recirculate the moist liquid (usually water) to maintain the effect of moistening the surface.

The key to this technology is to reduce the air temperature through the evaporation process of water, thereby achieving a cooling effect without the large consumption of electricity like traditional mechanical refrigeration systems. This helps improve data center energy efficiency, lower energy costs, and reduce environmental impact.

In general, data center indirect evaporative cooling technology is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cooling method suitable for data center environments that require large amounts of cooling. It has the potential to reduce energy consumption, reduce water usage, and reduce data center operating costs.



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