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Free Air Cooling Data Center

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Free Air Cooling Data Center

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With the rapid economic development, my country’s energy supply faces many challenges. Energy conservation and emission reduction have become a basic national policy. Data centers are one of the industries with huge energy consumption.

In data centers, maintaining a constant indoor temperature requires cooling throughout the year, which results in huge power consumption and electricity bills. The dual pressures of energy conservation, emission reduction and reduction of operating costs force people to continuously develop new energy-saving technologies and products. Computer room air conditioners require cooling all year round. During the transition season, when the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor temperature, there are abundant cold sources in nature. How to use natural cold sources for cooling is a key issue in energy saving and emission reduction for computer room air conditioners.

Data center cooling solutions using free cooling mainly include indirect free cooling and direct free cooling.


Free Air Cooling Data Center


Indirect free cooling

Air-cooled chiller with free cooling energy-saving module

When the ambient temperature is lower than the return temperature of the chilled water, the free cooling module is turned on without compressor power consumption. When the free cooling is not enough, the compression refrigeration relay is used to achieve the required cooling capacity. As the outdoor ambient temperature decreases, the free cooling part accounts for an increasing proportion until it reaches 100%, which is complete free cooling without compressor power consumption.

Water side panel replacement with energy-saving device

It consists of a large cooling tower, water-cooled chiller, and plate heat exchanger. In summer, the chiller and cooling tower are used for cooling. In winter, a plate exchange is used to convert the impurity-containing cooling water into clean chilled water and send it to the air-conditioning indoor unit. The chiller is shut down. .

Double coil glycol free cooling

On the direct expansion evaporator coil, a set of chilled water economical coils are combined, and two sets of two-way valves are used to adjust whether the water passes through the condenser of the plate heat exchanger or the chilled water coil. The outdoor dry cooler provides cooling water to the plate for direct expansion refrigeration in summer, and provides chilled water to the economical coil for chilled water refrigeration in winter.

Fluorine pump free cooling

In the summer, the refrigeration compressor runs. When the outdoor temperature is lower than the set point, it automatically switches to the fluorine pump energy-saving system and stops the compressor operation to ensure safe and reliable operation of the computer room air conditioner throughout the year. The fluorine pump does not exceed 10% of the compressor’s operating power consumption. Compared with water system air conditioners, there is no need to add antifreeze.

Assisted evaporation free cooling

The atomized water spray system of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner pressurizes the softened water and then atomizes it through a high-speed DC motor. It atomizes each drop of water into about 1/500 of the original water droplet volume and sprays it directly on the condenser fins to achieve auxiliary evaporation. This increases the overall heat dissipation of the condenser and reduces power consumption. This method of extending free cooling operation time through outdoor unit atomization spray is most effective in dry climates.

Direct free cooling

Brand new style free cooling

The direct introduction of outdoor fresh air and the isolation of hot and cold aisles realize the cooling of the computer room. According to the climatic conditions in different regions, the fresh air needs to undergo pre-processing such as filtering, humidification, dehumidification, and mixing of return and return air before entering the computer room.

Hot press natural circulation air cooling

No mechanical help is needed, it is directly powered by the heat energy emitted by the server to dissipate heat naturally. Collect the heat emitted by the server, use the air expansion to generate upward power, and let the hot air rise through the chimney high enough to drive the air flow, completing the heat dissipation cycle.

Rotary heat exchange natural cooling

The energy storage function of the filler in the runner is used to allow the runner to rotate slowly in two closed air ducts, and the filler cooled by the outdoor air cools the indoor air.



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