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Daily Maintenance of Industrial Air-cooled Chillers

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Daily Maintenance of Industrial Air-cooled Chillers


The number of buyers of air-cooled industrial chillers is increasing, and many people find that their service life is greatly reduced after purchasing. Therefore, operation management and maintenance personnel are required to have certain professional knowledge and skills in order to operate the chiller correctly.

The good maintenance of the air-cooled chiller system can greatly improve the efficiency of the equipment, reduce failures, prolong the service life of the equipment, and reduce operating costs.

Here are some simple ways to extend the service life of air-cooled industrial chillers.

1. Clean the air filter frequently.

Usually, a cleanup is carried out in about 2 to 3 weeks. When cleaning, take out the filter screen, and use a dry soft brush to filter out the dust on the screen. You can also wash off the filter dust with clean water. After drying, it can be loaded into the equipment.

2. Check the air-conditioning outlet.

The user should always check whether the contact between the plug and the socket of the equipment is good. If it is found that the power lead or plug is scalded when the air-cooled industrial chiller is working, corresponding measures can be taken. If the electrical wiring is too thin or the plug is in poor contact with the socket, it should be solved immediately.

3. Long-term shutdown.

When the air-cooled industrial chiller stops running for a long time, the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned. After the equipment is cleaned, only turn on the fan, run it for about 2 to 3 hours to dry the inside of the equipment, and then cover the machine with a dust cover.

4. Regularly clean the panel and case of dust.

We usually dry with a dry cloth, then dry with a damp cloth to remove the cleaner. Do not use hot water over 40℃, gasoline, volatile oil and corrosive solvents to wipe the air conditioner panel and casing. Do not scrub the device with a stiff brush to avoid damage to the casing, resulting in peeling paint, fading, etc.

5. Regular cleaning of air-cooled industrial chillers and evaporator coils.

You can use a brush and a vacuum cleaner. Please note that when cleaning, the brush and vacuum cleaner should be cleaned in the vertical direction of the coil, not in the horizontal direction, so as to avoid damage to the coil.

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