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Factors Affecting the Refrigeration Power of the Chiller

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Factors Affecting the Refrigeration Power of the Chiller


When the power of the chiller motor is stable, the equipment works normally. The control logic of the cooling system is: when the outlet water temperature is lower than the set temperature, the chiller stops running and the water pump continues to work. When the outlet water temperature is higher than the set temperature, the compression works for cooling.

1. Operating temperature:

Without changing the motor power of the chiller, the lower the cooling temperature, the smaller the output cooling power; the higher the cooling temperature, the greater the cooling power. Therefore, for the chiller with the same ratio, the refrigeration power of the household air conditioner is larger than that of the industrial chiller, because the household air conditioner adopts the standard air conditioner working condition, which is calculated at the outlet air temperature of 20°C. The industrial chiller is different. Generally, the outlet water temperature of the industrial chiller is calculated based on 10°C~15°C. Therefore, before choosing an industrial chiller, when the manufacturer gives the model and cooling power, the temperature of the outlet chilled water must be known for the corresponding reference. It must be remembered that the cooling power of the chiller is directly related to the outlet water temperature. In addition, different models of chillers also have a certain operating temperature range.

2. Condensation temperature:

The condensation temperature refers to the temperature of the refrigerant in the condenser, the air-cooled refrigerant refers to the ambient temperature, and the water-cooled refrigerant refers to the influence of the cooling water temperature on the substrate. Under the same external condensing conditions, the condensing temperature of the condensing unit also has a great influence on it. If the fins have the phenomenon of adsorbing dust or debris, factors such as scaling on the tube wall of the shell and tube condenser will also have a great influence on the condensing temperature. . According to the characteristics of different refrigerants, the condenser pressure and evaporation pressure require a certain pressure difference, such as the commonly used R22 refrigerant in China, the outlet water temperature is 10 °C, the water-cooled pressure difference is 12KG/M, CM; the air-cooled 14KG/M, CM is should.

3. Refrigerant model:

Refrigerant, commonly used names are refrigerant, freon and so on. The chemical formulas of various refrigerants are different, and the pressures at the condensation and evaporation temperatures are also different. R22 is commonly used in China at atmospheric pressure above -10 °C.

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