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Circulation Systems of Industrial Chiller

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Circulation Systems of Industrial Chiller


Industrial manufacturing is closely related to chillers. Industrial chillers play a very important role in the industry. Industrial chillers are needed in the refrigeration process of electroplating, chemical, printing, pharmaceutical, plastic and other industries, as well as people’s public daily activities. The air conditioning and refrigeration in the industry will also be applied to industrial chillers. So what are the circulation systems of industrial chillers?

The chiller is interconnected through three systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system and electrical automatic control system.

1. Water circulation system

The function of the water pump is mainly to pump the water out of the water tank to the equipment that needs to be cooled. After the water takes away the heat, the temperature will rise, and then return to the frozen water tank.

2. Electrical automatic control system

Including the automatic control part and the power supply part of the industrial chiller system. The automatic control part includes relay, pressure protection, thermostat, pressure protection, thermostat, delay device, overload protection, etc., which can be automatically adjusted to start or stop according to the water temperature. After the power part passes through the contactor, it mainly supplies power to the compressor, water pump and fan lamp.

3. Refrigerant circulation system

There is a liquid refrigerant in the evaporator of the industrial chiller. After the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the water, it begins to evaporate. Finally, there will be a temperature difference between the water and the refrigerant. The liquid refrigerator will change after completely evaporated. The gaseous refrigerant is absorbed by the compressor and then compressed, and then the gaseous refrigerant passes through the condenser to dissipate heat, and the temperature drops and then becomes liquid, and finally completes the process of the refrigeration cycle.

I will share with you what the circulation system of the industrial chiller is. The industrial chiller is equipped with a single-chip control system, built-in compressor, drier, filter, expansion valve, maintenance hand valve interface and other devices to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the machine. It is convenient for maintenance and repair.

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