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Chiller Electronic Expansion Valve Classification

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Chiller Electronic Expansion Valve Classification


The expansion valve is an important refrigeration accessory in the chiller, which is used to adjust the liquid amount of the refrigerant R22 to match the load, so that the supplied liquid amount can be fully evaporated to the evaporator outlet. The liquid supply is regulated by the superheat of the refrigerant at the outlet of the evaporator as a signal.

There are two types of expansion valves, one is thermal expansion valve and the other is electronic expansion valve. So what are the advantages of the electronic expansion valve compared with the original thermal expansion valve?

1. Flow regulation is not affected by changes in condensing pressure;

2. Compensate for the change of refrigerant subcooling before expansion valve;

3. Due to the fast transmission of electrical signals and rapid and accurate execution, the flow can be adjusted in time and accurately, and vibration can be avoided even if the compliance changes sharply;

4. It can control the superheat of the evaporator outlet to the minimum, so as to maximize the utilization rate of the heat transfer area of ​​the evaporator;

5. In the entire operating temperature range of the chiller, there can be the same set value of superheat;

6. The adjustment law can be determined according to the actual situation of the chiller. It is not limited to proportional adjustment, but also proportional integral or other adjustment laws, and can adjust the adjustment parameters.

Electronic expansion valve, according to the driving mode, is divided into electromagnetic type and electric type:

1. Electromagnetic electronic expansion valve is composed of electromagnetic attraction coil, plunger (moving iron core), valve needle, valve seat, reaction force spring, etc.

2. The driving force of the electric electronic expansion valve is the electric motor, which is divided into two types: direct-acting and decelerating. Electronic expansion valves are widely used in frequency conversion series refrigeration equipment, and the excellent characteristics obtained are eye-catching. At present, most of the commonly used chillers are mainly based on thermal expansion valves.

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