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Chiller 30kw – Water Chillers

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Chiller 30kw – Water Chillers


30kw chiller is a commonly used refrigeration equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. When using the equipment, you need to pay attention to some precautions. What aspects should you pay attention to?

1. Choose a high-quality compressor. The compressor is an important part of the 30kw chiller. Without it, the equipment cannot operate normally. The quality of the compressor is related to the use of the entire chiller. Therefore, when purchasing a 30kw chiller Always pay attention to the quality of the compressor, and never ignore it.

2. There is an automatic water adding device inside the 30kw chiller, which does not require labor or other water replenishment equipment, and its water tank is easy to install, and the daily maintenance and repair are also very convenient.

3. The operation panel of the 30kw chiller is equipped with commonly used switches and other necessary equipment such as ammeters and controllers. The operation is very simple and convenient, and does not require too many operators.

4. Pay attention to the 30kw chiller’s refrigerated lubricating oil. The refrigerated lubricating oil is a medium required for the compressor to work. Whether the refrigerated lubricating oil is normal or not determines whether the chiller can work normally. Therefore, high-quality chillers should be used Lubricating oil, and should pay attention to whether all parameters meet the requirements.

5. Pay attention to any abnormal noise and vibration. In the normal working process, there will inevitably be malfunctions, noise, and abnormal vibration. This is all possible. Once these problems occur, don’t panic. Of course, stop the machine for inspection first. After troubleshooting and handling the problem, turn it on again.

If the 30kw chiller fails and is within the warranty period, you can contact the manufacturer to repair it for you. Do not repair it privately, otherwise it may cause other problems. If the warranty period has expired, then you still need to ask a technician who understands maintenance to come to your door repair!


Customized Solutions For Your Business


low temperature chiller

Low Temperature Chillers (Water Cooled & Air Cooled)

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to -5°C

We specialize in the production of low-temperature chillers with a temperature control range as low as -150°C, which can meet the refrigeration needs of different industries.

Temperature range  -25°C ~ -5°C series  -45°C ~ -10°C series  -60°C ~ -10°C series  -80°C ~ -30°C series  -110°C ~ -50°C series
Cooling Capacity up to 360kW up to 360kW up to 360kW up to 270kW up to 180kW


recirculating chiller

Recirculating Chillers (Water Cooled & Air Cooled)

Temperature Control Range: -120°C to +30°C

Our recirculating chiller adopts low-temperature refrigeration technology, the temperature is as low as -120℃, and various accessories are customizable.

Temperature range  -25°C ~ +30°C series  -45°C ~ +30°C series  -60°C ~ -20°C series  -80°C ~ -20°C series  -120°C ~ -70°C series
Cooling Capacity up to 38kW up to 12kW up to 7.2kW up to 7.2kW up to 8.6kW


water chiller

Room Temperature Chillers / Small Chillers

Temperature Control Range: +5°C to +50°C

The chiller can be widely used in various industries and laboratories, and supports customized design.

Temperature range  -18°C ~ +30°C  +5°C ~ +35°C series
Cooling Capacity up to 0.9kW up to 50kW


Direct Cooling machine


Direct Cooling Type Refrigeration Equipments

Temperature Control Range: -120°C to -10°C

It is suitable for places with small heat exchange area and large heat exchange.


Temperature range  -40°C ~ -10°C  -80°C ~ -35°C  -120°C ~ -90°C
Compressor Power up to 8HP up to 8HP*2 up to 45HP*3




Direct Cooling Ultra Low Temp Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to -110°C

Customized solutions for your business.


Temperature range  -150°C ~ -110°C
Cooling Capacity up to 11kW




Screw Chillers

Low temperature screw chillers and room temperature screw chillers

Customized solutions for your business.



Temperature range  +5°C ~ +30°C  +5°C ~ +30°C  +5°C ~ +30°C  +5°C ~ +30°C  -25°C ~ +5°C  -25°C ~ +5°C
Cooling Capacity up to 1027kW (Single Compressor) up to 2134kW (Dual Compressor) up to 934kW (Single Compressor) up to 1940kW (Dual Compressor) up to 467kW (Single Compressor) up to 497kW (Single Compressor)

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