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What are the characteristics of water cooled industrial chiller?

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What are the characteristics of water cooled industrial chiller?

As a kind of water cooling equipment commonly used in industry, LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers can provide constant temperature refrigeration and is more intelligent in regulating water temperature. It can be set to automatic mode to regulate water temperature. Some industrial refrigerator models can also remotely monitor water temperature and modify water temperature parameters.

The industrial refrigerator takes the high temperature water through the water cycle, and the high temperature water is cooled by the compressor, and then flows back to the equipment after the temperature of the high temperature water is reduced. During the initial use, an appropriate amount of cooling water must be added to ensure the normal start and operation of the refrigerator, and the subsequent cooling effect.

The industrial refrigerator can set the water temperature between 5-35 ℃, and the water temperature between 20-30 ℃, and the cooling effect temperature is better, Tip: The minimum temperature set depends on the cooling capacity of the chiller and the heating capacity of the equipment.

Under the premise of long service life and proper maintenance, industrial refrigerators can be used for seven to eight to ten years without problems. At ordinary times, the circulating water should be replaced regularly, the dust screen should be cleaned, the parts should be checked regularly for looseness, and the maintenance should be done properly, which can provide the cooling effect and prolong the service life.

1. Troubleshooting of common lubrication faults of water-cooled industrial chillers.

The common failure of the lubricating part of the water cooler is not a problem of the lubricating system itself, but it will eventually lead to the common failure of the system.

For example, the piston ring structure at the cylinder and the poor production and processing assembly line may lead to many oil leakage conditions, and the abnormal water leakage at the water pump seal will significantly reduce the oil level in the crankcase, resulting in the suction of the oil pump.

Another example is that the clearance between the crankshaft reducing three-way piston pin and the front and rear main rolling bearing assembly lines is very small, the grease is dirty and the grease is mouldy for long-term use, which will increase the friction and damage of the fitness sports components, or the high-pressure and low-pressure blowby due to the serious cylinder damage will cause the crankcase to be hot, the oil temperature will be high, and the viscosity of the grease will be reduced, which will lead to the polarization of the lubrication standard and the common failure of the lubrication system.

Therefore, the common fault analysis of the lubrication system should be comprehensive, that is, in addition to the problems of the lubrication system itself, it is also necessary to check, analyze and distinguish the operation of the refrigerator, such as whether there is abnormal vibration, noise, scalding and water leakage.

2. Cooling failure of water-cooled industrial water chiller.

1) Insufficient cooling water. The heat of the air is not enough to be taken away by the cooling water, resulting in an increase in the suction temperature of the next stage, a decrease in the gas density, and a decrease in the exhaust volume. Therefore, the water supply pressure of cooling water should be closely monitored during operation to control the water supply. Generally, the cooling water pressure is required to be greater than 0.15MPa (gauge pressure).

2) The cooling water temperature is too high. High water temperature reduces the temperature difference between water and air, and reduces the heat transfer and cooling effect. Even if the cooling water volume is not reduced, the temperature of the gas will still be high after cooling.

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