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What should be paid attention to during the maintenance of air-cooled cooler?

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What should be paid attention to during the maintenance of air-cooled cooler?

Although it may seem simple, maintaining a daily log of operating conditions, including the pressure and temperature of FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller, as well as the level and flow rate, will help predict the potential for machine damage.


It is beneficial to retain the air-cooled chiller log sheet as it allows for preventive maintenance planning prior to the actual loss of equipment.

1. How to keep the pipes of air-cooled chiller clean?

Heat transfer is used to provide cooling in the operating theory of industrial equipment.

The interruption of cooling fluid flowing into the condenser tube will greatly reduce the efficiency of heat transfer of air-cooled water chillers in shell-and-tube and brazed plate heat exchangers.

As time goes on, corrosion will accumulate in its pipes, thus preventing heat loss.


2. Reduce the temperature of condensate

Reducing the water temperature entering the condenser of the industrial chiller can improve performance by requiring the air cooled chiller to reduce its function to provide overall cooling.

3. Check the condenser water circuit

Although all air-cooled chillers and cold shot chillers are closed loop, some of its condensers have water circulation and use open cooling outlets, such as air cooling towers.

Due to its proximity to the environment, water is more vulnerable to biological growth, degradation and scale pollution, which may reduce the overall heat transfer and its quality.

The toxin detection and treatment of the chilled water circuit shall be carried out at least once a year. Check the “Y” filter of the cooler every day, and use online cartridge filter to improve safety.

For the accumulation of particles in soil or air, light should be visible through the condenser coil. Use a flashlight to deeply observe the coils, and if they are dusty, clean them as needed.

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