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What is the treatment of the internal leakage of the coolant chiller?

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What is the treatment of the internal leakage of the coolant chiller?

① Disassemble the LX -25°C ~ +30°C Recirculating Chillers, remove the dirt on the surface of the plate, wipe it dry, and then reassemble the cooler. Carry out a hydraulic test with a pressure of 0.2~0.3MPa on one side. Stop the test after the water flows out from the other side. Open the cooler and carefully observe the untested side of the plate. The wet plate is perforated or cracked.

② Light transmission and coloring inspection methods can also be used on site to find out the waste plates. All the waste plates and gaskets must be replaced, and then reassembled before use.

The leakage of cooling system is mainly the direct leakage caused by component damage and component gasket damage; There is also the forced overflow of coolant caused by high coolant temperature. If the thermostat is damaged, the electronic fan is damaged, the radiator is short of water, etc. in the cooling system, the coolant in the radiator cannot be cooled, and the coolant temperature will rise.

When the boiling point of the coolant is reached, a large number of bubbles will be generated, and a part of the area is occupied by bubbles, causing a serious liquid shortage around the cylinder wall. Although there is coolant in the radiator, there is not enough coolant around the cylinder wall to dissipate heat, which greatly reduces the heat exchange efficiency, and it is impossible to bring the heat in the cylinder to the coolant temperature for heat dissipation.

1. What are the precautions for using the coolant cooler?

(1) The oil inlet and outlet of the cooling pipe can be freely determined from both sides, and the flow direction of the hydraulic oil itself is unrestricted. The water inlet must enter from below, and the water outlet above the oil must discharge.

(2) , Fresh water only. The use of sea water shall be specially customized.

(3) Food and chemicals must not be used.

(4) When the temperature difference between water inlet and oil inlet is above 80 ℃, it cannot be used.

2. What is the working principle of the coolant cooler?

The hot medium of the cooler flows from the inlet of the connecting pipe on the cylinder to the outlet of the connecting pipe in a zigzag way through each baffle channel in sequence. The cooler medium flows through two pipe passes, that is, the cooler medium enters half of the cooler pipe from the water inlet through the water distribution cover, then flows into the other half of the cooler pipe from the water return cover, and enters the water distribution cover and water outlet pipe on the other side.

In the process of double pass flow of cold medium, the residual heat released by the absorbing hot medium is discharged from the water outlet to keep the working medium at the rated working temperature.

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