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What is the reason for the high exhaust pressure of the circulating chiller?

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What is the reason for the high exhaust pressure of the circulating chiller?

Firstly, the LX -25°C ~ +30°C Recirculating Chillers adopts advanced compressor technology. The compressor is the core component of the circulating cooler, responsible for sucking in low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant, and generating high-temperature and high-pressure gas through compression to provide cooling or heating. Screw compressors have the advantages of simple structure, high reliability, and high work efficiency. They can operate stably over a wide range of operating conditions, ensuring the stability and efficiency of the equipment.

Secondly, the circulating cooler adopts an efficient heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is an important component of a heat pump system, which can achieve heat exchange between the refrigerant and indoor or outdoor air or water. The circulating cooler adopts a spiral plate heat exchanger with a compact structure and high heat transfer efficiency, which can quickly and effectively absorb or release heat from air or water, improving the cooling or heating performance of the system.

Thirdly, the circulating cooler adopts an advanced control system. The control system is the brain that runs the circulating cooler and can achieve precise control and adjustment of the system. The control system of the circulating cooler has the characteristics of intelligence and automation, which can automatically adjust the operating status of the system according to changes in the indoor and outdoor environment, monitor and control the pressure, temperature, flow rate and other parameters of the refrigerant in real-time, in order to achieve energy-saving and efficient operation.

Fourthly, the circulating cooler has lower operating costs. Compared to traditional air conditioning refrigeration equipment, the circulating cooler can more effectively utilize energy during operation, transferring the heat absorbed by the refrigerant from the low-temperature area to the high-temperature area to release, achieving both cooling and heating. This method is more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioning equipment, effectively reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Fifth, the circulating cooler has wide applicability. The circulating cooler can be flexibly configured according to actual needs and can be applied to various places and environments. Not only can it meet a wide range of refrigeration needs, but it can also meet the heating needs of HVAC. Moreover, the circulating cooler equipment has a compact structure, small footprint, and minimal impact on the environment, making it suitable for outdoor installation and more convenient.

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