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What is the daily use method of chiller for rotary evaporator?

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What is the daily use method of chiller for rotary evaporator?

1. Power on/off:

There are two ways to start and stop the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers: “soft start/stop” and “hard start/stop”.


When using, first turn the air switch on the top of the equipment power access terminal to the ON position, then turn on the (red) “ON/OFF” power switch on the back of the instrument, turn on the power, and then press the ON/OFF key on the lower right corner of the digital control panel to realize “soft start/stop”.

2. Water shortage and injection:

Open the instrument water inlet and inject soft water. When water is injected, the liquid level indicator on the front of the instrument is red, indicating water shortage; When the water level reaches the requirements, the water level lamp will automatically go out and stop water injection.


3. The failure of cooling water circulation system can be divided into the following situations:

(1) There is no flow and pressure of cooling water (generally water pump problem):

The pump head and motor of the ultra-low temperature circulating cooler need to be checked separately. When the pump head is checked, the bearing at the connection between the pump head and the motor needs to be rotated.

If the rotation is smooth, the pump head has no problem. If the rotation is difficult, the pump head needs to be replaced. When the motor is checked, it only needs to turn on the power to see if the motor is running. If it is not running, consider replacing the motor.

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(2) Cooling water with pressure and flow does not cool:

First, observe whether there is cooling power grid on the display board. If there is no cooling power grid, replace the control board or frequency converter. If there is cooling power grid, check whether the condenser cooling fan is started. If not, replace the fan.

If the fan starts normally, it is necessary to check whether the cooling unit is lack of fluorine or fluorine leakage. For lack of fluorine, add the refrigerant normally according to the refrigerant model and pressure. For fluorine leakage, find the leakage point and re-weld it.

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