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What is the correct cleaning method of heater chiller?

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What is the correct cleaning method of heater chiller?

The SUNDI-320/420W/430W Cooling and Heating Systems can be cleaned with solid acid cleaning detergent. The agent has strong corrosion inhibition. It is not corrosive to the equipment during cleaning, and has good safety.

It is not dangerous to the construction personnel. The agent shall be dissolved evenly during cleaning, and soaked in warm water below 60 ℃ or recycled for cleaning. An appropriate amount of cleaning corrosion inhibitor can be added during cleaning (optional).

Neutralizing and passivating agent shall be added after the cooler is cleaned. Neutralize the residual acid and form a passivation film on the metal surface to prevent the formation of floating rust. After passivation, rinse it repeatedly with clean water.

1. How to use the heater cooler?

The heating oil of the heating and cooling machine has been used for a long time. Pay attention to replace it in time, otherwise the oil will spill and catch fire. In addition, the vegetable oil will decompose under high temperature conditions. You can add some other substances to improve the stability of your oil bath heating.

When heating the oil bath, be careful not to splash water in the oil bath, otherwise it will cause splash and affect the operators. The heating and cooling machine adopts fully closed circulation pipeline, which can avoid the generation and pollution of oil mist. The heating heat transfer oil used is also the brand’s proprietary heat transfer oil.

When using the heating and cooling machine, attention should be paid to selecting the heating and cooling machine made of materials with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance process.

When in use, add oil in the pot first, connect the power supply, display the actual measured temperature, adjust the rotary switch, once the heating indicator light is on, it can indicate that the oil bath heating has been working.

When the temperature reaches your temperature, the thermostatic indicator light is on, and the heating indicator light is off.

2. What is the working principle of heater cooler?

The coolant flows from the radiator outlet to the water pump inlet. Some coolant flows from the water pump to the heater core and then back to the water pump. As the coolant warms up, it provides heating and defrosting capabilities to the passenger compartment. The coolant also flows out of the water pump outlet and into the engine cylinder block.

In the engine cylinder block, the coolant circulates and absorbs heat through the water jacket around the cylinder. Then, the coolant flows through the water channel opening on the cylinder head gasket and into the cylinder head. In the cylinder head, the coolant flows through the water jacket around the combustion chamber and valve seat to absorb additional heat. Coolant is also directed to the throttle body.

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