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What is the use method of refrigerated rcirculator?

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What is the use method of refrigerated rcirculator?

(1) At the first time of use, use a universal meter to check whether the power plug connected to the equipment is normal, whether there is mutual short circuit or bad condition. If there is no abnormality, it can be used normally.

(2) After the power is turned on, add the corresponding circulating water as required, turn on the power switch and the circulating pump switch on the equipment to make the circulating water start to operate.

(3) Set the temperature range of the HR -25°C ~ +200°C Recirculating Heater Chiller, set the temperature range of high and low temperature, and observe well. If the temperature range is large, continue to adjust the temperature range.

(4) The circulating water of low temperature refrigeration circulator is generally distilled water or the circulating water of the manufacturer is better. Do not use water such as inlet water and river water, which will cause blockage of the circulating pipeline. If tap water is used, it is recommended to clean the pipeline every year.

(5) Check the pipeline and refrigerant of the low temperature refrigeration circulator every half a year to see if there is any leakage point and whether there is any leakage. It can be judged according to the parameters displayed on the pressure gauge. If the data is far from the normal data, it can be compared.

1. Working principle of refrigeration circulator:

The delivery pump of the low-temperature refrigeration circulator drives the heat transfer medium (usually water or oil) in the oil tank with built-in heater to the temperature control equipment, and then the temperature control equipment returns to the oil tank.

The controller adjusts the temperature of the thermal fluid according to the heat flow temperature measured by the temperature sensor or the internal temperature of the temperature control equipment, thus adjusting the temperature of the temperature control equipment.

2. What are the characteristics of the refrigeration circulator?

Circulating cooling medium: synthetic heat transfer oil, industrial alcohol or water mixed with glycol for circulating cooling, saving resources.

Tight circulating pipeline design prevents circulating sewage and prolongs the service time of circulating water.

Multiple safety protection, reliable operation.

Adopt supercooling technology to ensure temperature stability at low temperature.

The temperature difference between the compressor on and off can be set.

The ambient temperature detection function prevents the system from operating at an excessively high ambient temperature.

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