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What are the specific steps for the installation of the 10 ton chiller?

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What are the specific steps for the installation of the 10 ton chiller?

The LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers has compact structure, small floor area and saves room space

When the complete chiller leaves the factory, K22 refrigerant and lubricating oil have been injected into the chiller to reduce the installation time and cost.

When the complete air-cooled water cooler leaves the factory, the water flow switch has been installed in the machine.

The vibration of air-cooled water chiller unit is very small, and vibration isolation measures are not required at all, and the installation is simple.

When installing the water cooler, only connect the evaporator and condenser water pipes.

1.10 ton water chiller system operation.

After the installation of the water chiller, the pipeline pressure test and leakage detection, air release, cleaning and blowdown, cooling water and chilled water system test run and other work shall be carried out. The unit can be started for commissioning and operation only after everything is normal.

The cooling water and chilled water should be treated with water quality. Because the water quality with high alkalinity will aggravate the corrosion of copper tubes and reduce the service life of heat exchangers, the PH value of system water should be within the range of 7.0~8.5.

2.10 ton water chiller maintenance.

It is necessary to keep the cooling tower clean and keep the air around the water tower circulated and the temperature low, so as to avoid sundries entering the cooling tower and reduce the cooling effect.

For air-cooled water chillers, please keep the surface of the cooling coil of the water chiller clean, ensure the surrounding air circulation and low temperature, and regularly clean the scale on the coil to ensure good heat exchange effect.

If the chiller has been used for more than six months, or the cooling capacity is reduced, or the high/low pressure switch often fails, please arrange staff to clean the condenser.

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