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What is the cause of scaling of evaporator chiller?

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What is the cause of scaling of evaporator chiller?


Except for seawater cooling devices, general biological fouling refers to microbial fouling. The most common microorganisms in the circulating water system are iron bacteria, fungi and algae.

Algae in circulating water system often form differential corrosion cell on metal surface in water, which leads to corrosion under sediment. The block will also block the pipeline in the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers, reducing the water flow, thereby reducing the heat exchange efficiency.

Crystal fouling

In the cooling water circulation system, with the evaporation of water, the concentration of salts dissolved in the water (such as bicarbonate) increases.

Some salts are precipitated due to supersaturation, while some salts are precipitated due to thermal decomposition when passing through the heat transfer surface of the cooler. These scales are composed of inorganic salts and crystallized compactly. They are called crystalline scales.

Granular scaling

The accumulation of solid particles suspended in the fluid on the heat exchange surface is generally composed of fine sediment, dust, insoluble salts, colloidal substances, oil stains, etc.

When the water containing these substances passes through the surface of the cooler, it is easy to form dirt deposits and corrosion under the scale, providing a hotbed for the survival and reproduction of some bacteria.

When the anti-corrosion measures are not appropriate, the heat exchange surface will eventually be corroded and perforated, resulting in leakage.

Solidification fouling

Dirt formed when fluid solidifies on supercooled heat exchange surface. For example, when the water is below the freezing point, it solidifies on the heat exchange surface. The uniformity of temperature distribution has a great influence on the fouling.

1. How to maintain the daily protection of evaporator cooler?

The daily operation of cooler shall pay special attention to avoid the fluctuation of temperature and pressure. First of all, ensure the pressure is stable and do not allow overpressure operation.

2. What is the evaporator cooler?

Evaporative cooler can be regarded as a combined heat exchanger of cooler and cooling tower with water as cooling medium. Generally, in order to save water for water-cooled cooler in industry, water is cooled in cooling tower and recycled.

The evaporative cooler combines the cooler and the cooling tower as a whole. The cooled process fluid flows inside the pipe, while water and air flow outside the pipe at the same time. The heat of the fluid inside the pipe is transferred to the air through the water outside the pipe to achieve the purpose of cooling.

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