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What causes the leakage of industrial chiller industrial?

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What causes the leakage of industrial chiller industrial?

The water inlet and outlet of the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers are leaking. Generally, the bolts at the connection are loose or cracked, so the water leakage can be repaired or replaced; If the evaporator shell of the chiller leaks water, check whether there is water seepage at the welding point of the evaporator shell. If there is, weld and repair it as soon as possible.


The float valve of the chiller leaks. The float valve controls the opening and closing of the inlet valve according to the buoyancy. The solution is to check and adjust the position of the ball valve. If it is damaged, it should be replaced and repaired in time. The water leakage occurred in the perforation of the condenser inside the chiller. The solution is to find the fault point and repair it.

The water leakage occurs due to the fluctuation of cooling water during operation due to too full water injection in the water tank of the chiller. The solution is to reduce the water level in the water tank; The water tank of the chiller leaks, which may be caused by corrosion at the welding position of the water tank, and needs to be welded again for maintenance.


In case of water leakage at the water pump of the chiller, the shaft seal at the water pump is generally poorly connected or damaged, and the water pump shaft seal can be replaced.

1. How to deal with the water pressure alarm of the industrial chiller?

When the water pressure is about 0.3MPA, it is in a normal state, and when it is abnormal, it will cause flow alarm output. To avoid abnormal flow of the chiller, regularly check whether the filter element and the filter inside the water tank are dirty and blocked.

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2. What is an industrial chiller?

The industrial water chiller is a refrigeration system, which can keep the equipment and materials cool, so that the operation is stable. The air conditioner dehumidifies the air, while the water chiller can cool the fluid that can be used to regulate the space or cooling process only through heat dissipation. However, these devices do not “cool” or “cool” anything; They just remove heat.

The food processing chiller serves various applications in the food and beverage industry. According to your specific settings, you can choose baking chiller, brewery glycol chiller, beer glycol chiller, milk chiller, or even commercial yogurt chiller.

The metal finishing chiller can be used for paint and powder spraying, anodizing, die casting cooling, furnace cooling, quenching cooling, etc.

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