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What are the precautions for using the water-cooled cooler?

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What are the precautions for using the water-cooled cooler?

The operating pressure at the oil side is not more than 1.0MPa, and the operating pressure at the water side is not more than 0.5MPa.

Drain the cooling water and working oil in the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers in cold seasons and when not working to prevent frost cracking.

The cooling medium is usually clean fresh water. Before the medium enters the cooler, it is better to equip a filter to prevent dirt from entering.

The cooler shall be cleaned every six months to remove oil and water dirt, and the seals shall be replaced to maintain good cooling effect and sealing performance.

Clean tap water shall be used for cooling water to prevent the blockage of cooling pipe due to unclean cooling water or the shortage of cooling water from affecting the cooling effect.

The cooling water volume should be as large as possible to reduce the oil temperature to the greatest extent, so as to prevent scaling due to continuous high oil temperature, which will affect the cooling effect.

Timely arrangement and dredging of cooler cooling pipe is conducive to forward cooling.

In winter (early spring), when the machine is shut down for a long time, the inlet and outlet pipes of the cooler shall be pulled out, and the remaining cooling water of the cooler shall be drained (blown) to prevent the end cap or cooling pipe of the cooler from freezing.

1. What are the main features of the water-cooled cooler?

The heat transfer and cooling effect is the best. The cooler adopts multi tube type, with large cooling area and best cooling effect.

The cooling area is full. The number of copper tubes used in this cooler is more than three times of that of fin tube type roll tooth tube type, and the cooling area depends on. The surface area of copper tube is calculated, so the cooling area is full.

The cooling pipe material is most suitable for heat dissipation. Pure copper tube with heat conductivity above 0.95 is used.

2. What if the cooling effect of the water-cooled cooler decreases?

If the water tank is not cleaned for a long time, the evaporator inside the water tank will produce microorganisms, which will lead to poor cold and heat exchange and affect the refrigeration effect. The customer is requested to clean the water tank regularly and change the water frequently.

Generally, the purified water is replaced once a month, and the water tank is cleaned at the same time (with detergent) to ensure that the water quality of the chiller is clean.

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