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How to select industrial cooler?

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How to select industrial cooler?

The selection type of FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller depends on the water source and water quality in the region. In the recycling system of chiller, the water source and water quality define the selection of condenser.

If the water source is abundant in the regions where the chiller supporting equipment is located, the water-cooled industrial chiller system can be used if the water quality is suitable, otherwise the air-cooled industrial chiller can be used. Refrigerator is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses compressor to change the pressure change of refrigerant gas to achieve low temperature refrigeration.

The compressor used is different from the general air compressor due to its different operating conditions and compressed working medium. As a fully packaged closed loop system, the air-cooled chiller includes the cold and hot water unit, condenser and circulating pump, expansion valve, no flow shut-off, internal cold water tank, and temperature control station.

1. From the perspective of water supply and environment:

(1) The vertical condenser is applicable to areas with rich cooling water sources, and there is no high requirement for water quality, but it is only applicable to ammonia refrigeration system at present;

(2) The horizontal condenser is suitable for areas with rich cooling water sources, but it requires good water quality and low temperature. Ammonia or Freon refrigeration systems can be used;

(Note: Both vertical condenser and horizontal condenser can be used for applications using circulating cooling water)

(3) The water spraying condenser is suitable for areas with relatively low air humidity and has no high requirements for water source and water quality, but it is only suitable for ammonia refrigeration system at present;

(4) Evaporative condenser has the advantage of small water consumption, so it is very suitable for dry areas where water is scarce;

(5) The air-cooled condenser is suitable for the dry areas where the cooling water source is insufficient, but it is mostly used for small and medium-sized fluorine refrigeration systems.

2. Attention during condenser selection:

(1) The total condensing area of the condenser shall meet the requirements of large load conditions in actual operation, and a certain margin shall be reserved.

(2) The number of condensers generally corresponds to the number of compressors of industrial water chillers, which should be controlled within 4. Generally, the number should not be too large and there is no need to consider standby.

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