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What are the requirements for water quality for industrial chiller machine?

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What are the requirements for water quality for industrial chiller machine?

1. PH

Any water quality that is too alkaline or acidic cannot meet the use needs of LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, and even leads to irreparable corrosive failures after long-term operation of the water chiller. Therefore, when using a water chiller, it is necessary to cooperate with the use of qualified chilled water to avoid a large number of equipment failures.

2. Soft hardness

If the water quality is relatively hard, it will affect the operation of the water chiller. Especially in the state of high efficiency operation, it is easy to cause various scale problems inside the water chiller. After the scale accumulates to a certain extent, it will affect the normal use of water chillers by enterprises.

3. Water flow

Too high or too low water flow will restrict the operating efficiency of the equipment, and even lead to a decline in the cooling performance of the chiller. The ability to continuously increase water flow within a reasonable range can increase the operational safety of the chiller, while avoiding problems such as irreparable losses caused by the impact on the chiller’s operation due to small water flow.

The quality of water used in industrial water chillers directly affects the stability of the equipment. Therefore, industrial water chillers have requirements for water quality!

Generally, water is classified according to water quality, mainly including soft water and hard water. Soft water refers to water with a hardness of less than 8 degrees, which is soft water and contains no or less calcium magnesium compounds;

Hard water is water with a hardness higher than 8 degrees and contains more calcium magnesium compounds. Currently, most water chiller users use soft water as circulating cooling water.

How should the water quality of industrial refrigerators be treated?

Installation of water softening equipment

The most effective way to treat scale is to install water softening equipment for various industrial production cooling towers.

Relying on water softening equipment can achieve the actual effect of softening water sources. Using higher quality water sources to support the operation of cooling water equipment can solve problems such as too much scale from the source. Indeed, after installing water softening equipment, some scale may also occur, but the amount caused is not significant.

Remove and replace the applied water source of the industrial refrigerator.

After the installation of water softening equipment, there are obvious scale problems such as industrial production cooling towers. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether the company’s working environment is suitable for reapplication of water as a cooling material.

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