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What are the installation steps of the chiller supplier?

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What are the installation steps of the chiller supplier?

The regulating valve (specially used for high-temperature medium and steam in the pipeline) shall be more than 1.5 meters away from the flange of the heat exchanger interface for the purpose of medium circulation.

The installed base should bear the weight of the FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers, so as to avoid vibration and accidents during subsequent operation.

The connecting pipe flange and pipe flange of the plate cooler must be installed carefully to avoid the wear and damage of the plate cooler.

The clearance around the equipment shall be reserved during the installation of the plate cooler to ensure that the tube box can be disassembled and hoisted on both sides of the equipment. It will be very convenient for maintenance in the later period.

Use professional tools to check the plate cooler to prevent the plate cooler from wearing.

1. What should we pay attention to when using the cooler?

After the installation of the plate cooler is completed, start the cold cycle to exhaust the excess gas, and ensure that the number of blocked pipes cannot exceed 10% of the total number of pipes.

For the plate cooler that has been used for a long time, the wall thickness and overall pressure of the components shall be checked every year to see whether the inspection results can meet the minimum thickness standard and determine whether it can be operated.

For the initial stage of condensable air operation, the non-condensable gas at the upper and lower parts can be discharged.

2. Precautions for cooler?

For the tubular plate cooler, when the material is austenitic stainless steel, the chloride ion in the plate cooler should be controlled at 25 ppm, and the test should be done regularly.

When the heat exchanger is a pressure vessel, it shall be well maintained, repaired, maintained and installed.

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