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What is the general 2 ton water chiller price?

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What is the general 2 ton water chiller price?

It depends on the size and brand of the FL-800N -18°C ~ +30°C Small Water Chiller.

The number of horses is different, the brand is different, and the price varies greatly, from thousands to hundreds of thousands, for example, the price of air-cooled screw chillers is more than 100000. Small household air-cooled chillers can be purchased for thousands of yuan.


It is suggested to determine the required unit capacity and accurate type according to the actual use demand, and then compare the price of multiple brands to finally determine the appropriate product.

1.What should be paid attention to in the cleaning and maintenance of 2 ton water chiller?

The shell-and-tube condenser used by the water-cooled water chiller has a small impact on the heat exchange efficiency due to the accumulation of dirt within a certain range, so the performance of the unit will decline slightly with the generation of dirt, the cleaning cycle is long, and the relative maintenance cost will be low.

However, the heat transfer efficiency of the finned condenser used by the air-cooled water cooler is greatly affected by the accumulation of dust and scale. A dust filter grid must be set in front of the finned tube, and frequent cleaning is required.


2.How to maintain the 2 ton water chiller?

During the operation and use of the 2t water chiller, not only the refrigerant oil and lubricating oil system should be checked, but also the refrigerant quantity should be checked to see if it is within the normal range. If there is any shortage, it should be timely supplemented to the specified range.

When the 2t water chiller is not in use for a long time, the water pump, compressor, cooling water tower, and main power supply and other circuit switches should be closed in time, and the unit should be covered to avoid dust or other debris.

(Note: It is important to remember to drain the water inside the unit and pipeline) The maintenance of industrial water chillers has been emphasized many times. I hope that the majority of users must pay attention to it. Regular maintenance can not only improve the cooling effect of the chiller, but also extend the service life of the unit.

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