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How do industrial water chiller manufacturers carry out maintenance work?

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How do industrial water chiller manufacturers carry out maintenance work?

Check whether the safety and operation controllers are normal.

Check whether the refrigerant pipeline system is normal (especially the dryer, expansion valve, solenoid valve, window and various joints).

Check the refrigerant oil and supplement or replace it if necessary.

Check the safety vent valve.

Check the oil filter screen and clean or replace it if necessary.

1. How to deal with the noise problem of the LJ -45°C ~ -10°C Low Temperature Refrigeration Chillers?

In this case, the foundation bolts can be replaced, and vibration reduction can be installed if conditions permit, so that the water chiller can be firmly fixed on the ground. Check whether the connecting pipe is firm. There are large and small pipes on the water chiller. The connecting screw is loose and there will be noise after operation. The treatment is to fix the pipes and equipment.

Whether there is a problem with the fan electric fan? The air-cooled water chiller is equipped with a fan electric fan, which is composed of a fan cover and blades. The blades are deformed by external forces, and the noise will occur after rotation. The fan cover will also generate noise due to the entry of dust and debris. The noise can be reduced by replacing the blades and regularly sorting the debris on the fan electric fan.

2. Specific maintenance strategy of industrial water chiller.

① Clean the appearance of the equipment.

② Test the insulation of the motor to determine whether it is related to the unit.

③ Detect that the three-phase voltage of three-phase power supply is within 380 V.

④ After turning on the power, pay attention to the operation of the oil heating device.

⑤ Check all parts of the fuselage to see if there is water leakage.

⑥ Ensure the working state of temperature control detector.

⑦ Check the operation status of the equipment and ensure that all indicators are within the specification range.

⑧ When the device is running, pay attention to the working condition of the adjustment mechanism.

⑨ Pay attention to the sound when the equipment is in normal working condition.

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