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Water Cooling System Industrial

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Water Cooling System Industrial

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Overview of water cooling system industrial

Water cooling system industrial is a system that uses water to achieve cooling. This system is mainly composed of independent parts such as condenser, evaporator, compressor and liquid pipeline.

The operating principle of the water cooling system industrial is to condense the high-temperature and high-pressure liquid of the refrigerant into a low-temperature and high-pressure gas through the condenser, and then evaporate the low-temperature and low-pressure gas of the refrigerant into a high-temperature and low-pressure gas through the process of the evaporator. The cooling effect of the evaporator is to adjust the internal temperature of the evaporator by using low-temperature exchange water.

Water cooling system industrial has many application scenarios, the main ones are used in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning refrigeration and other fields. Because compared with other refrigeration systems, the water-cooled refrigeration system has a stronger refrigeration capacity in large-scale industrial and air-conditioning systems with larger pipe diameters and flow rates. Not only that, the use of water-cooled refrigeration systems in these fields can also effectively increase the service life of the system, reduce overall maintenance costs, and make the operating environment more comfortable through effective temperature regulation.


Water Cooling System Industrial


Design principle of water cooling system industrial

The design principle of water cooling system industrial is based on the principle of heat conduction and heat balance. The basic idea is to absorb the heat generated by the equipment by circulating the cooling medium, and then conduct the heat away from the equipment, so as to keep the operating temperature of the equipment within a safe range.

The design principle of water cooling system industrial mainly includes the following aspects

1. The principle of heat conduction: heat will be transferred from the high temperature area to the low temperature area along the temperature gradient. The water cooling system conducts heat from the equipment to the cooling medium through direct or indirect contact.

2. The principle of heat balance: Heat balance refers to the balance between heat generation and loss, so that the temperature of the equipment can be kept within a controllable range. The water cooling system industrial maintains the heat balance of the equipment by adjusting the flow speed, temperature and heat conduction mode between the cooling medium

3. Circulation system design: The water cooling system usually adopts the method of circulating the cooling medium. The cooling medium is drawn out from the cooling equipment through the water pump, and then returned to the equipment for circulation after being cooled by the cooling device. The design of the circulation system needs to consider factors such as the flow rate, pressure, temperature and circulation path of the cooling medium to ensure the cooling effect.

4 Cooling device design: The cooling device is the core part of the water-cooling system, which is usually realized by radiators or condensers. Its working principle is to improve the heat dissipation efficiency by increasing the contact area between the cooling medium and the outside world. The design of the cooling device includes factors such as the selection of the surface area, the flow mode and speed control of the cooling medium.

Through the above design principles, the water cooling system industrial can effectively control the temperature of the equipment, ensure its normal operation, and avoid failures and accidents caused by overheating.


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Precision Chillers / Small ChillersPrecision Chillers / Small Chillers (Custom Designs)

The chiller can be widely used in various industries and laboratories, and supports customized design.

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Chillers for Semiconductor

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Liquid Cooling Solutions For Battery Energy Storage Systems




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