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Water Cooled Low Temperature Chillers For Sale

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Water Cooled Low Temperature Chillers For Sale


A water-cooled low temperature chiller is a professional refrigeration chiller that transfers heat to water. Therefore, the use of low-temperature water-cooled chillers is often superior to conventional chillers in the specific application of air conditioning.

1. Less energy consumption

Water-cooled cryogenic chillers use a more efficient refrigeration method. The way of control exchange can be done not only in the air conditioner, but also in the water pipe system of the building itself. Therefore, it not only saves more energy for the user, but also reduces the impact on the environment.

2. More cost-effective

Buildings that use low-temperature water-cooled chillers can get the cooling they need more cheaply. Typically, this method does not require the use of high-pressure steam condensers, nor does it require shell-type heating elements using ammonia, so the cost is much lower.

3. More reliable machine operation

The low-temperature water-cooled chiller has more reliable machine operation characteristics. Compared with the indoor installation location, its cooling capacity is stronger, and it can realize the cooling task in a relatively wide space. Multiple sets of machines can also run at the same time, so as to ensure the stability of the indoor temperature, so that it has more reliable machine operation characteristics.

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4. Smoother machine maintenance

The water-cooled low-temperature chiller can be used inside the water pipe system of the building itself, thus providing maintenance personnel with a very convenient way of equipment inspection and maintenance. Therefore, compared with conventional chillers, low-temperature water-cooled chillers have smoother maintenance access.

5. Better air quality

The low-temperature water-cooled chiller uses water as the medium in the heat exchange process, so no harmful substances will be diffused in the air, it can make the indoor air fresher, and reduce the corrosion of plastics that often occur in other chillers.

6. More energy-saving solutions

The low-temperature water-cooled chiller uses water as the heat transfer medium, and the refrigerant used is also a product that is different from other refrigerants, which makes the energy consumption generated during the operation of the equipment lower and has a more energy-saving solution.

Generally speaking, the low-temperature water-cooled chiller focuses on high efficiency and low price in refrigeration technology, and has a series of advantages. Therefore, in the daily life of air-conditioning applications, you may wish to use low-temperature water-cooled chillers to enjoy a more comfortable environment.

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