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Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Water Chiller Installation

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Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Water Chiller Installation


With the continuous improvement of industrial production capacity, industrial chillers are more and more favored by enterprises. However, during the installation of industrial chillers, some installation problems are often encountered. So how should we install the industrial ultra-low temperature chiller correctly?

Installation methods and requirements of industrial chillers:

1. The right environment

In order to ensure the safe operation of ultra-low temperature industrial chillers, in the actual installation process, enterprises need to choose a safe installation environment. Due to the high temperature phenomenon during the operation of the industrial chiller, it is necessary to choose an installation environment with a lower ambient temperature and better ventilation. It is also necessary to stay away from all kinds of flammable and explosive substances to achieve the purpose of improving the operation efficiency of industrial chillers.

2. Stable power supply

The power supply of the chiller adopts three-phase four-wire, the power wire (R, S, T) is connected to the power live wire, (N) is connected to the neutral wire, and (G) is connected to the ground wire. The equipment is connected to the connecting post in the box with the perforation on the main power line and the electric control box to ensure the connection is tight. The chiller has various measures such as current overload protection, compressor high and low voltage protection, motor coil overheating protection, anti-icing protection, cooling water flow chain protection and other measures, and the control circuit is advanced. The control circuit of the chiller has been installed and debugged at the factory, please do not change it at will.

Precautions for installation of industrial chillers:

1. During installation, please check whether the industrial chiller is damaged, and choose a suitable place for installation and future maintenance.

2. The site where the equipment is installed must be the floor and the installation pad, whose levelness is within 6.4mm and can bear the operating weight of the equipment.

3. The equipment should be placed in a machine room with a room temperature of 4.4~43.3°C, and there should be enough space around and above the unit for routine maintenance.

4. At the first end of the equipment, there should be a space for draining the condenser tube bundle to be cleaned, and a door opening or other suitable openings can also be used.

5. When the environment around the water source and the cooling tower is bad, the cooling water circuit must be installed with a Y-type filter and cleaned regularly. An automatic exhaust valve must be installed at the higher part of the closed chilled water system, and a drain joint should be installed at the lower part of the system to drain the system. .

6. Select the matching cooling tower according to the cooling capacity of the industrial chiller.

7. After the chilled water pipeline system passes the leak test, wrap the insulation layer to avoid the loss of cooling capacity and the dripping of the pipeline.

In the usual work, the inspection and maintenance of the industrial chiller should also be done well, so that the life of the industrial chiller can be extended more effectively.

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