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Three Refrigeration Forms of Low Temperature Refrigeration System

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Three Refrigeration Forms of Low Temperature Refrigeration System


The refrigeration system of the industrial chiller is a closed, clean and dry system. In many industries, it is possible to use the refrigeration system of the chiller to cooperate with auxiliary work. Today, I will explain to you the common cooling methods of industrial chillers. Generally speaking, industrial chillers have three cooling methods:

Liquid gasification refrigeration:

1. Compression: normal temperature gaseous state becomes high pressure and high temperature gaseous state

2. Condensation: high pressure and high temperature gaseous state becomes high pressure liquid state

3. Evaporation: The high-pressure liquid state changes into a low-pressure gas state, which absorbs heat and realizes refrigeration.

Gas expansion refrigeration:

The gas expansion refrigeration of industrial chillers uses the adiabatic expansion of high-pressure gas to achieve the effect of low temperature, and uses the reheating process of the expanded gas under low pressure for refrigeration. Due to the different equipment for adiabatic expansion of gas, there are generally two ways:

(1) After the high-pressure gas is expanded by the expander, the external power is output to the outside, so the temperature of the built-in gas is reduced, and the cooling capacity is also large when reheating, but the structure of the expander is relatively complex.

(2) The gas expands through the throttle valve, the gas temperature drops, and the flow of cooling capacity is relatively small. The structure of such a throttle valve is relatively simple, and it is more convenient to adjust the gas flow.

Thermoelectric cooling:

The charge carriers of most chillers on the market create an electrical current in the conductors. Since the charge carrier of the chiller is at different energy levels in different materials, the chiller releases excess heat when it wants to switch from a high energy level to a lower energy level. On the contrary, it needs to absorb heat from the outside world (that is, it is manifested as a cooling phenomenon).

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