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How to Choose an Air Cooled Chiller?

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How to Choose an Air Cooled Chiller?


When water-cooled refrigeration equipment is widely used, air-cooled chillers are favored by people due to their advanced and unique design technology, economical operation, energy saving and other advantages. Presumably everyone has a certain basic understanding of air-cooled chillers. The current models of air-cooled chillers can be divided into air-cooled industrial boxes or chiller types, air-conditioned chillers, and air-cooled screw chillers. , In different industries, we also have certain attention when purchasing air-cooled chillers. So, how should we choose a suitable chiller?

1. Before buying any chiller, first of all, we need to know how much cooling power we need, and then we know how much air-cooled chiller to choose.

2. The location where the chiller is placed. If the host is placed outdoors, you need to consider purchasing a waterproof air-cooled chiller.

3. Whether the host has a water tank and a water pump, usually below 20HP will bring these two accessories, which is convenient for installation. If there is a water tank at the site of use, no water tank will be provided. And the main engine evaporator is not made of coil type with water tank, only shell and tube type or plate type.

4. The export of the equipment should be determined according to whether the local voltage and operating frequency are in sync. Whether the refrigerant requires environmental protection, R22 can generally be used in China and Southeast Asia, but in some developed countries such as Europe and the United States, environmentally friendly cold coal is generally used.

5. The installation conditions of the air-cooled chiller are different from other types of chillers. Because the air-cooled chiller uses a large amount of wind to dissipate heat, the climatic conditions have a great impact on the energy efficiency of the equipment.

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