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Thermal Oil Heater – LNEYA UC Series

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A Thermal Oil Heater is a common device that circulates and heats a liquid or gas to keep it at a constant temperature. This kind of equipment usually consists of heaters, circulation pumps and temperature controllers, and can be widely used in production and industrial manufacturing and other fields.

The working principle of the Thermal Oil Heater is to heat the liquid or gas in the heater, and then circulate it to the heated equipment or container through the circulation pump, so as to maintain a constant temperature. Generally speaking, the working temperature of the heating circulator can be adjusted from -60°C to 400°C, so it has very wide applicability in different application scenarios.

cooling heating circulator

In the field of production and industrial manufacturing, Thermal Oil Heaters are usually used to control the ambient temperature, promote the occurrence of various chemical processes, and improve product quality. For example, equipment can be used in etching and cleaning processes in semiconductor manufacturing to ensure product quality and stability. In addition, it can also be used in chemical laboratories, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to improve the accuracy and efficiency of various tasks.

In a word, Thermal Oil Heater is a very common equipment, which has a wide range of applications and many different application scenarios. By adopting advanced technology and control system, it can improve the efficiency and accuracy of various work, and also improve the quality and stability of products.

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