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Semiconductor Test Chiller Maintenance

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Semiconductor Test Chiller Maintenance


The semiconductor test chiller can provide users with a field source with controlled thermal cooling and uniform constant temperature, and can also be used as a heat source or cold source for direct heating, cooling, auxiliary heating, and auxiliary cooling. The temperature control within the full range is used in chemical reaction process control such as petrochemical and pharmaceutical, semiconductor diffusion furnace diffusion process control, constant temperature temperature control or external circulation application in reaction kettles, automatic synthesis instruments, extraction and condensation devices.

1. Check whether the fastening bolts of the power connection are loose. Whether the high pressure and low pressure of the refrigeration/heating system are normal. Whether the running current of the compressor and the insulation resistance of the equipment are normal.

2. Whether the running current of the compressor and the insulation resistance of the equipment are normal.

3. Whether the drying filter and sight glass are normal. If the filter outlet is frosted, it indicates that the filter is dirty and clogged, and the filter screen needs to be cleaned.

4. Whether the compressor lubricating oil is normal, if the oil level is lower than 2/3 of the sight glass during operation, add lubricating oil. If it is polluted or deteriorated, the lubricating oil should be replaced, and the oil filter should be cleaned or replaced. Replace filter drier cartridge.

5. Since the volume flow rate of the coolant will be affected under the condition of insufficient pressure, the higher the pressure of the pump, the more stable the flow rate.

6. When the temperature of the heating liquid rises to the set value, it can quickly and effectively prevent the temperature from continuing to rise.

Then, users are required to make records in the process of using the semiconductor test chiller to avoid failures and problems that cannot be found and solved in time. At the same time, do maintenance work, and strive to make the equipment reach a good operating state.

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