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Refrigerated Heating Circulator For Sale

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The refrigerated heating circulator can provide high temperature and low temperature environment at the same time to meet the needs of different experiments or treatments. The temperature change is achieved by the circulation of the refrigerant. When it is necessary to provide a high-temperature environment, the refrigerant will absorb heat from the evaporator and turn into a low-temperature and low-pressure gaseous state, then heat up through the compressor and enter the condenser to release heat, and return to the evaporator to complete a cycle. Similarly, when a low-temperature environment needs to be provided, the refrigerant will also go through a similar cycle process. The refrigerated heating circulator has the characteristics of high temperature control precision, wide temperature range and good stability, which can meet the needs of various experiments or treatments.

The refrigerated heating circulator adopts advanced refrigeration technology and heat source technology to realize rapid switching between high temperature and low temperature environments. Its internal structure is precise, including key components such as compressor, condenser, and evaporator, so that the machine can complete temperature adjustment in a short time. In addition, the equipment also has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, effectively reducing energy consumption and reducing the impact on the environment. These technical advantages make refrigerated heating circulator widely used in many fields, such as medical treatment, scientific research, industrial production and so on.

cooling heating circulation system

Refrigerated heating circulator is widely used in biomedicine, material science, environmental monitoring and other fields. For example, in biomedical research, refrigerated heating circulator can be used in experiments such as cell culture and protein crystallization; in material science research, it can be used in processes such as heat treatment of metal materials and molding of plastic materials; in environmental monitoring, It can be used for analysis and testing of air pollutants, etc. In addition, refrigerated heating circulator is also widely used in food processing, cosmetics research and development and other fields.

As a high-tech achievement with powerful functions and wide application, refrigerated heating circulator is gradually changing our production and lifestyle. Its appearance not only improves work efficiency, but also brings a lot of convenience to our life. Looking forward to the future, we have reason to believe that, driven by technological innovation, refrigerated heating circulator will usher in a brighter development prospect.

LNEYA ModelTemp.
Pump Flow Rate, Pressure
l/min  bar
HR-25N-25 ~ 200± @ 20°C20  2220V 50HZ 4kW
HR-35N-25 ~ 200± @ 20°C35  2380V 50HZ 5.5kW
HR-50N-25 ~ 200± @ 20°C35  2380V 50HZ 7.5kW
HR-70N-25 ~ 200±0.577 @ 20°C50  2380V 50HZ 10kW
HR-100N-25 ~ 200±0.51010 @ 20°C60  2.5380V 50HZ 14kW
HR-150N-25 ~ 200±0.51515 @ 20°C110  2.5380V 50HZ 21kW
HRT-25N-45 ~ 250±0.52.52 @ 20°C20  2220V 50HZ 4.5kW
HRT-35N-45 ~ 250± @ 20°C35  2380V 50HZ 5.5kW
HRT-50N-45 ~ 250±0.55.55 @ 20°C35  2380V 50HZ 9kW
HRT-70N-45 ~ 250±0.57.57 @ 20°C50  2380V 50HZ 9kW
HRT-100N-45 ~ 250±0.51010 @ 20°C65  2.5380V 50HZ 16.5kW
HRT-150N-45 ~ 250±0.51515 @ 20°C110  2.5380V 50HZ 25kW

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